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After a long couple of days, we’ve been able to return to streaming with LoudCity… and most excitingly, our new licensing agreement will allow us to run commercial advertisements in-stream.

This is great news because instead of begging each month for listeners to send in money, we can promote a handful of great products or services to pay for our licensing fees, software upgrades, and music library expansions.

We’re offering a commercial length of your choosing up to sixty seconds, either provided by you or written, produced, and voiced by us and subject to your approval.

These commercials will air at least six times a day during regular programming on BlackLight Radio’s web stream.

The charge for one month of this schedule (approximately 180 airings over the course of 30 days) is $10, which includes any writing or production needed and all 180 airings. (Yes, this works out to 18 cents per airing!)

There is no long-term contract required; advertising agreements are month-to-month.

As a listener, this should not scare you. We have no plans to run more than one commercial an hour in place of a PSA or classic commercial we’re airing right now. As our advertisers increase and fill up our advertising spots, our advertising rates will go up so that our working capital will increase, advertising clutter WON’T increase, and our advertisers won’t be lost in a long stretch of ads.

If this interests you, please contact me (Gene Savage) at our email address at the right, or contact me on Facebook (again on the right side of this page). Sponsorships will also be available for our newscasts and specialty programming; contact me for more details.

BlackLight Radio is back… and the future of the 80s looks BRIGHT. Thanks for coming along for the ride!

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