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If you were like me, back in the day one of the biggest thrills was to call your favorite radio station. Whether you wanted to request a song, ask when they were giving away concert tickets, or tell your true love you’d never leave them (what was her name, again?), it was an even bigger thrill if you heard your voice being played back over the radio!

Times & technology have changed, and now you can leave a message for us and all the BlackLight Radio listeners right here. Whether you’re on your phone, your tablet, or your PC, as long as you have a microphone hooked up you can give us your thoughts (up to 90 seconds). Request your favorite song, ask about your favorite artist, or just say “hello, world!” to the BlackLight Radio listening audience. Promote your town! Relay your favorite 80s memory.

Before long, you may hear yourself played back on BlackLight Radio! You hear from us every day; now it’s our turn to hear from YOU. Just click the record button below. If you have any issues, email us at

Shout, shout, let it all out! You can talk to me, even if you’re talking in your sleep. I’m not asking you to talk dirty to me; we couldn’t air that! Just talk, talk. You’ll be the talk of the town! Mama may have said don’t talk to strangers, but we’re your friends at BlackLight Radio. You can talk to us now, and we can talk to ya later. If you think it’s funny, you can baby talk. Just call me; say “hello.” You won’t need a Mr. Telephone Man with modern technology. Even if you just called to say I love you, you won’t have to remember numbers like 867-5309 or 853-5937. No need for an operator here. Others might say, “baby don’t forget my number.” You just don’t forget our website. When you leave a message here, you’re calling America.

…Enough 80s song puns; here’s the record button!

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