The Internet Kumbaya Party with Anonymous John
(Sunday morning at 8am eastern, 5am Pacific | Sunday night at 9pm eastern, 6pm Pacific)

This 4 hour program features audio items from John’s extensive collection of CCM classics from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. From time to time John also features interviews with your favorite classic CCM artists; these shows are not to be missed! Come join the Praise Party this weekend.

Friday Nite & Saturday Nite PartyMixes
(Friday evenings at 5pm eastern, 2pm Pacific | Saturday evenings at 5pm eastern, 2pm Pacific)

Every weekend, BlackLight Radio mixes it up with PartyMixes Friday and Saturday nights! It’s the long, extended, remixed dance versions of your favorite 80s hits, taken from the original 12″ singles played by your favorite club (Tulsa had In-Cahoots, The Ocean Club, and The 20th Century Electric Company… how about your town?). Take a spin back to the danceable 80s and get your weekend party started here!

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