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Another View Of The News with Carl Ramsey
(weekdays at 4am eastern, 1am Pacific)

This 2 minute feature provides commentary on important issues & events that face our nation & world today, from a Christian perspective.

The Cephas Hour with Jerry Wilson
(Sundays at 11am eastern, 8am Pacific)

Every Sunday it’s the best in Christian rock & pop from the 1980s, with an occasional nod to the 1970s & 1990s. If you grew up on Phil Keaggy, The 77s, Undercover, Crumbächer, Steve Taylor, The Choir, Altar Boys & so many more wonderful artists & bands that were the soundtrack to our lives, rejoice! We’ll be bringing you all these & more every week!

Focus On Issues with Sharon Gotkin
(Sundays at 9am eastern, 6am Pacific)

From UNI’s Religion News Desk, the program covers a multitude of issues relating to traditional or cultural trends, morality and ethics, missions, religious liberty and persecution, and other significant developments.

The Internet Party with Anonymous John
(Saturday at 1am eastern, Friday 10pm Pacific | Saturday at 2pm eastern, 11am Pacific | Sunday at 1am eastern, Saturday at 10pm Pacific | Sunday at 4pm eastern, 1pm Pacific)

This 2 hour program features audio items from John’s collection: from general musical mixes, bloopers & bad music to CCM classics. From time to time John also features one specific year from the 1980s; these shows are not to be missed! Come join the Party this weekend.

Kick Up The 80s & Kick Up The 80s Rockshow with Geoff Dorsett
(Saturday at noon & 1pm eastern, 9am & 10am Pacific)

These shows, produced & presented by Geoff, relive the ’80s! There has never been a decade like it… & there never will be again. 10 amazing years which brought with it big hair, legwarmers, Live Aid, Thriller, where MTV officially killed the radio star & every girl became Madonna wannabees. It really was the party decade.

These shows bring the music & star guest interviews, complete with loads of hairspray, Tina Turner in a leather mini-skirt & 6 inch stilettos. Put on some black eyeliner & a day-glow shirt and Kick Up the ’80s this weekend.

Outlook with the United News & Information staff
(Sundays at 9:15am eastern, 6:15am Pacific)

A radio magazine of news, information, & inspiration, it includes talks with well-known authors, offers a Christian perspective on various issues & events, covers evangelical news, stories & testimonials, & presents devotionals & messages from noted pastors & conference speakers.

Friday Nite & Saturday Nite PartyMixes
(Friday evenings at 5pm eastern, 2pm Pacific | Saturday evenings at 4pm eastern, 1pm Pacific)

Every weekend, BlackLight Radio mixes it up with PartyMixes Friday and Saturday nights! It’s the long, extended, remixed dance versions of your favorite 80s hits, taken from the original 12″ singles played by your favorite club (Tulsa had In-Cahoots, The Ocean Club, and The 20th Century Electric Company… how about your town?). Take a spin back to the danceable 80s and get your weekend party started here!

Shar on BlackLight Radio
(Friday afternoons at 3pm eastern, noon Pacific | Saturday mornings at 10am eastern, 7am Pacific | Sunday mornings at 7am eastern, 4am Pacific | Sunday evenings at 6pm eastern, 3pm Pacific)

A Child of the 80s herself, Shar starts your weekend with 80s trivia, movie flashbacks, fun guests and corny jokes. Add in the best 80s music (including numerous forgotten favorites!) and you have a recipe for a perfect 120 minutes!

UNI Radio News

(most daylight hours at the top & / or bottom of the hour)

These 1 to 4 minute updates strive to keep listeners informed by providing clear, factual stories of the day’s international and national news events, including moral and religious issues of public importance that are often ignored by the secular news media.

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