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BlackLight Radio is an internet-only, 24/7 radio station streaming in stereo at 64 kbps AAC+ live from Owasso, Oklahoma, USA.

Our music format consists of the biggest pop hits of the 1980s. We started with the top 100 pop singles for each year from 1980 to 1989 according to Billboard Magazine, giving us a music library of over 1,000 songs & guaranteeing no repeats in any 36 hour period. We now have a Music Advisory Board of about a dozen BlackLight Radio Superfans who, each week, vote on songs from the 80s to add to rotation and songs to remove.

BlackLight Radio features “all of the 80s, all of the time.” The need for the station became clear when sampling other 80s internet & broadcast stations. Many focus on one part of the decade to the exclusion of others. Others feature only the rock of the 80s, or the alternative, or the dance. Others add songs from the 70s & / or the 90s. We don’t skip any of the biggest hits from any year, & we do not step outside of the decade. This gives us unduplicated musical variety, from country to metal & from rap to ballads.

Specialty programming on BlackLight Radio adds to the depth of the station. Sunday is the main day for syndicated & specialty shows including two BlackLight Radio exclusives: The Kum Bah Yah Party (80s CCM) with Anonymous John and Cephas Hour (retro Christian rock) with Jerry Wilson.

BlackLight Radio has several goals: #1 to provide a home for those who grew up in the 80s & miss hearing the music we used to see on MTV & the 45s & cassingles we bought; #2 to expose “new” fans of 80s music to the depth & breadth of styles the decade truly offers; & #3 to allow me to show all the so-called “experts” how you REALLY program an all-80s radio station. 🙂

Future goals include adding announcers to the station, expanding our unique holiday programming, and putting together exciting giveaways for our listeners.

SPECIAL THANKS to Roy Bunales (voiceover artist) and Gary Thompson (producer) for our killer top & bottom of the hour IDs!

A special thank you also to Aaron Kannowski of Uptown Sound for providing us so many high quality, difficult-to-find (and impossible-to-find!) radio promo edits and promo remixes of charting 80s hits, and to DjPaulT of Burning The Ground for providing us so many of the PartyMixes we play. Both of these guys are absolute pros in locating rare vinyl and cleaning it up to the point it sounds as good (or better) than the CD releases… IF they exist. We wouldn’t sound half as good as we do without you both!!


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