Happy 80s New Year!

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In honor of the arrival of the New Year around the planet, BlackLight Radio will be playing PartyMixes from midnight 2013 in Christmas Island, Kiribati & Samoa, until it turns midnight 2013 in American Samoa, the Midway Islands, & Niue!

LONDON: PartyMixes air from 10 am New Year’s Eve to 11 am New Year’s Day.

NEW YORK CITY: PartyMixes air 5am NYE to 6am NYD.

CHICAGO: PartyMixes 4am NYE to 5am NYD.

DENVER: 3am NYE to 4am NYD.

LOS ANGELES: 2am – 3am.

ANCHORAGE: 1am – 2am.

HONOLULU: midnight – 1am.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Click on the (>) button, above and to the right, to listen.


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