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Here’s an update on BlackLight Radio and our attempts to restore our license to stream music:

We’ve made contact with someone at LoudCity regarding our canceled account, and they are talking with the “higher ups” to find out if we will be able to restore the previous terms of our account.

If we are not, the cost of streaming with our current listening audience wouldn’t go up a lot: only about $5 a month as long as nobody else starts listening. Of course, we’d prefer to have more and more listeners!

Another licensing company, StreamLicensing, is talking to us about using their services. They would be about $15 a month more… BUT, we would be able at that point to take on advertisers to run legitimate commercials on BlackLight Radio.

Do you have or do you know of someone with a product or service that you would be willing to spend $5 or $10 a month to advertise on BlackLight Radio? Four advertisers at $10 a month would pay for us to move to StreamLicensing.

We need to hear your thoughts. If you would consider investing $10 a month in promoting a service or product on BlackLight Radio, please email me, Gene, at or contact us on our Facebook page.

Today I feel more confident than I did yesterday that the 80s greatest hits will return to BlackLight Radio. We need more information from LoudCity to make our decision, and we need more information from you.

We have a contact email on our website at You can also reach us through Facebook, which is also linked on our homepage. Or you can email us directly:

Would you spend $10 a month advertising your product or service on BlackLight Radio’s web stream? I look forward to hearing from you… and will be back with another update tomorrow.

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