Parkland, FL Celebrates w/ 80s Hitmakers

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8084529The town of Parkland, FL had big plans to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the founding of the town with a concert performance by a popular 80s artist.

The only problem with this (admittedly great) idea was the 80s artist they picked: Rick Springfield.

Now, before you fans of Rick start working on hate letters to me, let me explain: we here at BlackLight Radio LOVE Mr. Springfield. In any given hour you might hear “Affair Of The Heart,” “Don’t Talk To Strangers,” “Jessie’s Girl,” or “Love Somebody.” We play Rick because we know you love him, and because we love him.

So what was wrong with picking Rick Springfield to play Parkland on April 27th in Pine Trails Park?

Nothing… unless you’re the city of Parkland and ignore the fine print that says until Springfield’s concert January 11th at the Seminole Casino was over, they weren’t to breathe a word of his April appearance.

They did, and his talent agency pulled him out of the show.

What’s a fifty-year old town to do?

Go get another Australian 80s hitmaker, of course!

The Little River Band (“Cool Change,” “Man On Your Mind,” “Take It Easy On Me,” “The Other Guy”) will perform at the free concert celebration on April 27th.

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