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I’m making several subtle but positive changes to the music mix on BlackLight Radio over the next couple of weeks; I think you’re going to like the changes!

First, many, many more PartyMixes are coming to BlackLight Radio for Friday & Saturday nights.

If you’re unfamiliar, PartyMixes are the pumped-up, extended versions of your favorite 80s tunes that were available at your local record store on 12″ “Maxi-Singles”… they’re the versions you heard pumpin’ at your favorite club every weekend in the 80s.

I double-check every PartyMix we’re playing; what you’ll hear on Friday & Saturday nights are the dance versions sold in the stores and sent to the DJs in the year the song was released… no remixes done 5, 10, or 20 years later!

Second, in the next week or so I’m going to set up a new system to better distribute the ballads amongst the uptempo tunes.

I try to look over the playlists before they air, but more often than not time gets away from me and you may have heard two (or three, or FOUR!) ballads in a row in the past.

No more! By the end of this week, a new system will be in place that should eliminate the “sleepy sets.”

There’s nothing wrong with a great 80s ballad, but too many in a row and it starts feeling like a make-out session… no PDA on BlackLight Radio! 🙂

Additionally, if you haven’t hear Shar yet on Friday afternoons, where have you been?

Shar does a great and funny show Friday afternoons 4 to 6 east coast time (1 to 3 west coast) with 80s trivia, “where are they now?” updates, karaoke requests, and whatever pops into her head.

Get in her show by calling 918-518-1245 and leave your request!

(Hopefully none of these new changes will end up like that “great idea” above and to the left! lol…)

Your feedback is ALWAYS appreciated; reply to this post, shoot me an email, post a request through the request form (above), or catch up with me on Facebook.

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