14K For A Day: Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

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BlackLight Radio’s celebration of the 80s radio station that brought Tulsa “The Music You See On MTV” returns this Tuesday (tomorrow!) from midnight to midnight central time.

For those who don’t know, 14K was radio station in Tulsa, Oklahoma for two years between August 1983 & August 1985. They had the largest teen listening audience of ANY AM radio station in the United States at the time, and clobbered the local FM top-40 in Tulsa County.

How did they do it? First, they focused on the new wave of music that was being made popular on MTV. Then, they put hot top-40 jocks on the air to compliment the hits. Finally, they did great and crazy promotions… from Win-A-Hundred to the Cash Copter to Winning Tag Numbers, the station was fun to listen to. When Michael Jackson was hurt filming the Pepsi commercial, they made the world’s largest get well card and had the citizens of Tulsa sign it at various locations around town. They played party mixes, the same 12″ versions of the hits you hear BlackLight Radio play, on Friday and Saturday nights.

They were first with Tulsa’s hottest hits, and they kept their finger on the plus of the record-buying public in Tulsa by calling the stores each week to see what was selling, and going to the clubs every weekend to see what the teens were dancing to. They had the top 5 at 5, Tulsa Top 25, and Rick Dees’ Weekly Top 40.

They had the Love Lines, the Nuke Lines, rock trivia, K-Crew laces, t-shirts, bumper stickers, midnight movies, the Spring Fling, trip giveaways… they turned Tulsa upside down in two too-short years.

The station is gone, but every year we bring them back on the anniversary of their sign-off. We play airchecks from the station, plus songs they aired and recent interviews with the staff. This year we have expanded the interview segments so you can get a better view of what was happening at the station and behind the scenes.

If you were here in Tulsa, relive the fun of 14K; if you weren’t here, listen in to find out what you missed as BlackLight Radio becomes 14K for a day.

The last hour of 14K is a show not to be missed… we’ll air it again this year, this time at 11pm central time Tuesday night.

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