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business_as_usualRadio stations aren’t always the most transparent when things are changing behind the scenes… but we’re not most radio stations.

We license every song we play through a company called Loudcity. They are closing down at the end of February.

We expect to move to a company called StreamLicensing. For the most part this will only mean if you click through our webpage, the address may change where you land to listen.

What won’t be as seamless will be some of our weekend programming. Anything outside of BlackLight Radio (like Kick Up The 80s, or 80s Yearbook) is at risk of being removed.

Do you have a favorite weekend show, or do you listen Saturday mornings? I’ll fight to save any shows you enjoy listening to.

I’ll keep you updated as things progress… if there’s anything you, the listener, needs to know, I’ll let you know here and on our Facebook page.

…In the meantime, it’s business as usual: the 80s greatest hits on BlackLight Radio!

EDIT: If you are unable to listen through Loudcity’s page during the transition, you can still find us on TuneIn and Shoutcast, along with many mobile apps.

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