80s Movie Music Madness (BLR survey #3)

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The 1980s gave us so many great scary-movie franchises: Friday The 13th, Nightmare On Elm Street, Child’s Play… and so many great stand-alone scary movies: The Shining, Bad Dreams, The Fog… and on the list goes.

Many of these films produced great spooky tunes combining the excesses of the 80s with the new punk, goth and metal scenes which exploded over the decade.

Today’s music survey looks not only at songs played year-round without being associated with Halloween, but also great tunes from the slasher celluloids.

Go and vote at the link below, and then if you haven’t already, go vote at the surveys posted below this one. Come back every day in September and we’ll have 10 more potentially creepy songs for you to consider.

Your votes will help decided what 80s scare-tunes get aired… plus, on Halloween night, I’ll host a countdown of your your 40 favorite freaky tunes.

Got a great 80s fear-fest you don’t think we’ve considered? Let us know song and title below in the comments! And THANK YOU for your help in picking our October playlist.

BlackLight Radio’s 80s Halloween Music Survey #3

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