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It is with the deepest regret that I write you to let you know that BlackLight Radio will cease streaming effective midnight Sunday night.

We have been on life support since January when the new webcasting rates went into effect.

Today, I lost my “day job” and can no longer afford to pay to keep BlackLight Radio on the web.

Anonymous John and Jerry Wilson will carry you through this last weekend.

I am proud of what we created… and will miss you all very, very much.

Posted by Gene
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Starting today, Wednesday, March 16th, BlackLight Radio will not be playing any music or announcements of any kind for an hour each day starting at noon east coast time (9 AM west coast time).

We are doing this because the CRB and SoundExchange have not yet agreed to a deal with StreamLicensing and other small webcasters, and our rates make it impossible to support our current listening audience. Our income over the past six months is equal to only one-third of our expenses.

This silent hour each day is an effort to reduce our “impressions,” or number of listeners times the number of songs, each month to reduce our monthly losses to a level we can absorb.

If this daily silent hour isn’t enough to reduce our impressions to a manageable level, we will add more “holes” to our daily programming. We will also be adding more and longer commercial breaks to increase our income.

If and when we are able to get a reasonable rate from SoundExchange, we will return to continuous music.

Please continue to check this website and our Facebook page for more updates as they become available.

Posted by Gene
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helpIf you listen to BlackLight Radio, chances are you’re doing so because you’ve discovered something that you can’t find on the commercial airwaves… but this radio station, and thousands of other small internet broadcasters, are currently in the fight for their life.

The music royalty fees we must pay for 2016 have much more than quadrupled because of new performance fee rulings by the Copyright Royalty Board. Many smaller webcasters have already run out of money and closed down, and BlackLight Radio may soon face the same fate.

You can help bring legislative action to bring royalty costs back down to affordable levels and help us keep providing the kind of programming that has brought you to us in the first place. Please help by adding your voice to those fighting for our survival. Helping costs you nothing, and it could help save BlackLight Radio.

Go to — Our survival depends on your voice!

Please go now and make your voice heard so you can continue to hear ours.

Thank you.

Posted by Gene
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